Artistic education

Diploma (with Honours) in Art & Creativity.

Graduated in 2014 from 'The Learning Connexion - School of Art & Creativity', Lower Hutt, New Zealand.

Artistic Approach

My art simply celebrates LIFE. 

It has become the main theme of my art, portrayed in many ways, through people and the natural world we live in. 

My goal is to express LIFE across many disciplines, including: Illustration; Graphic Design; Stone-carving; Construction & Murals. 

I like using various mediums such as: Charcoal; Acrylic Paint; Limestone; Wood; plus Digital Design & Digital Painting.

Some artworks are about the beauty that surrounds us in New Zealand, such as a Fantail bird perched in a kowhai tree.  They are purely decorative works but are iconic to New Zealand. Even though these particular designs don't hold great depth of meaning, they are designed to celebrate the uniqueness of our flora & fauna.

Other works give transformative life and function to objects and natural materials, that would otherwise, exist simply for looks rather than functionality.  This could be a collection of twisted driftwood found at the beach and made into unique furniture.  It now has life and purpose.

Some works question the origins of LIFE and hold a meaning within a meaning -  the message is hidden to some, but revealed to those who look deeper.

Exploration has played an enormous part in my art work in terms of exploring new places, new subjects and exploring new mediums.  This has led to a lot of self-discovery and answered a lot of questions about my own life and life in general.

‘Contrast’ also plays a part in my art work.  It can simply be the contrast of light and shade within a drawing or it could be a sculpture, carved out of naturally-formed limestone and combined with a metal zip for instance.  Even though the natural object and the man-made object are contrasting, once combined into one art piece, they appear to be in perfect harmony with the other. 

So simply put, my art approach is to question, then make discoveries through exploration.  In other words, I ‘draw’ out the answers.

Group exhibitions

2013, 2014

'Archibald's Stone Works Symposium'

Held at 'Maidstone Park', in Upper Hutt, New Zealand.

2012, 2014

'Rotary Art Show' held at 'Southwards Museum Theatre', Paraparaumu, Kapiti Coast, New Zealand.

2011, 2012, 2013 

Student Exhibition held at 'The Learning Connexion' - School of Art & Creativity, Lower Hutt, New Zealand.

























TLC Prospectus.jpg


Stone sculpture featured on the front cover of 'The Learning Connexion's Prospectus'.

Published by 'The Learning Connexion -School  of Art & Creativity'.

Bread & Butter Miracles front cover.jpg
Bread & Butter Miracles back cover.jpg


Mural titled, 'Encapsulated World' featured on the front cover of the 'Upper Hutt Leader' newspaper.


Book cover design (front & back) titled 'Bread & Butter Miracles' - A book of 24 short stories, compiled by Jan Jensen. 

Published in 2013.  ISBN 978-0-473-25525-1

mural in paper.jpg